The Plant Candi Team


Plant Candi is a global consultancy providing expert talent for any food and catering events or experiences. ‘Owned and operated by restaurant chefs with many years’ experience in a variety of high end establishments this team will make beautiful plant based dining and food mainstream, delightful and tailored to your needs.

Reuben and Peter are passionate about making each job excellent. This can be; private dining, restaurant pop ups and consultancy, menu design, celebrity and film set catering, policy and government advice and television radio and new media.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Reuben Waller

Reuben Waller is a restaurant and food expert currently using his skills and talent gained from his Michelin Star years to take plant-based food culture mainstream.

As a key influencer of this global trend, Reuben is able to change perspectives that lead to constructive changes in eating and lifestyle through the creation of beautiful, casual plant-based restaurants and cookbooks.

Reuben is the master chef responsible for the creation and establishment of Rootcandi in Brighton England, Nordvegan in Oslo Norway and SNCKBR IV in Utrecht Holland. Whilst at Rootcandi Reuben was included in the Great British Chefs cookbook in 2014, the first ever vegan recipe included in this prestigious publication. The Nordvegan concept/franchise is soon to open further outlets across Scandinavia, following the December 2018 release of the Nordvegan cookbook with 80, beautiful new recipes created by Reuben and Peter. In its first month of being released this cookbook has already exceeded sales expectations by more than 30%.

Reuben’s most recent project: Eating Our Way to Health, a cook book which contains 170 plant-based recipes created by both him and Peter over a four-year timeframe has been their most ambitious yet. The project is a collaboration with many high-profile celebrities and noted figures devoted to causes such as environmentalism and sustainability for our plan

Peter Payne

As a passionate vegan chef Peter has been inspired to create healthy, fun and wonderful plant-based meals. Following more than 20 years as a chef in some of the world’s most high-end dining and catering establishments; Peter anticipated that the new frontier of nutritious plant-based cooking was the future, and is dedicated to promoting nutritious diets and helping people to make better food choices through creative contemporary menus.

Peter has travelled the globe extensively working at various prestigious establishments and has a particular delight for Asian culture and cuisine; this has heavily influenced his cooking, which is demonstrated in his collaborations on the cookbook Nordvegan and the menus at Rootcandi, Nordvegan and Snckbr.

Peter has been working with Reuben for several years and continues on their most recent project: Eating Our Way to Health, a forthcoming cook book for the full-length feature documentary currently in post-production that is changing the global conversation about food, lifestyle and the planet.